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How to listen to yourself

How to listen to yourself

Everything we need and the answers we seek are already within us, but external circumstances and stress disturb our inner presence and connection with ourselves, so we feel restlessness, confusion, or dissatisfaction. Do you know how to come back to yourself and learn to listen to your inner voice?
We live in a fast world today, which can easily get us sucked into the chaos of everyday life in which we hear everything and anything – except our inner voice and our needs. We often expect others to somehow understand our thoughts and satisfy our needs - while at the same time we ourselves are not aware of what we feel, want, and need. That is, of course, pointless. Only by really knowing ourselves we can find peace and fall in love with life. Find answers to the questions that bother us and hear the voice of our intuition. It is enough to set aside five minutes a day, close your eyes and listen to your inner world.

When we close our eyes for a few minutes and silence the echo of everyday life and the chaos of thoughts, we will hear the voice of our soul. We will feel the energy that tells us where we should go and where the answers, we are looking for, are. A direction that is good for us causes comfort, happiness, peace, and satisfaction. However, if we are overwhelmed by stress and have not listened to ourselves for a long time (or never), we will first have to clean up the mess and throw out the excess – accumulated unpleasant thoughts and emotions. Sometimes it's hard to last five minutes when we're just learning to listen to ourselves. And that's fine. A lot of things have accumulated - just as a lot of things accumulate in our living space over a long period of time we didn't tidy up and clean, it's the same with our souls. It's important to start. Start with a minute, two, or three - and slowly extend the time. The thoughts that come to us while we are in silence just need to be noticed, look at them for a moment - and let them go. If we ignore them, they pile up and grow, distracting us and scaring us. However, we do not have to enter a polemic with them. Just be aware of them and let them fly away, like clouds in the sky.

Our true home is within us, from within. Happiness, peace, and satisfaction - everything starts when we connect with ourselves. Although it may not be easy at first, five minutes a day of listening to yourself is worth a little effort.

Once we decide to pay attention to ourselves regularly - to listen in silence for at least five minutes a day - we will hear our own voice. Maybe we will hear small things that we need more of in life, something that we can easily achieve. And maybe we will realize that we are in the wrong job, with the wrong partner, maybe we choose destructive habits and vices - and our soul wants us to change direction. And that's fine. It's okay to feel the urge to change. However, don't beat yourself up, be afraid or start panicking to construct some solutions from today to tomorrow. Set an intention to be better. And trust the process. Step by step, through listening to ourselves and a series of small decisions, you will find the way to go.

Trust, patience, and listening to yourself with the power of intention will get us where we need to be.
And if you need support on that path - and you feel that there are programs living inside you that are holding you back from meeting yourself – Lea Gobo is here for you. Through the Mind Retreat treatment, we release limiting beliefs and clear programs that prevent you from feeling inner peace, joy, contentment, and love.

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