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Celebrate your wild potential

Materia is a lifestyle concept that promotes well-being and longevity through functional products & self-love. We aim to preserve health by keeping mind, body and spirit in balance.

Our ‘Magic’ Ingredient

Real magic happens when we connect with ourselves. We are on a quest to inspire you to make wellbeing your number one priority.

Why Materia?

Materia is every phenomenon in the universe that manifests itself through matter, waves, energy, and information. Take a step forward, expand and grow with us.

"I never enjoyed matcha as much as coffee, until I tried Materia. A complete game changer with amazing flavor, color and texture, along with the energy it gives throughout the day. A perfect start to any day!"

Nika Turković


"Since I’ve experienced a real tea ceremony in Japan I wasn’t able to find a good quality matcha here in Croatia but when I tried Materia matcha for the first time that was it! Great quality and an amazing taste of real high quality ceremonial matcha finally available in Croatia. A true fan and a happy client."

Janja Benic

Business owner, food blogger and food stylist

"One of the best matchas I’ve ever tasted.
When I first opened Materia matcha I saw
perfectly green color in the powder, felt fine and silky texture on the tongue. This matcha has smooth and clean taste. I looove it. The packaging is so beautiful too. I’ll be buying this again in the future."

Lidija Lešić

Influencer & Founder of My Choice

"I’ve tried a lot of different brands of matcha and always left disappointed after trying them because it just didn’t taste good.
On social media there is a lot of pictures of people enjoying drinking this
vibrant green tea and I was wondering how is that possible! All those matcha powders that I bought have this bitter taste and dark green color. I was buying low quality matcha. That’s for sure now after I’ve tried Materia matcha and fell in love with the taste and my matcha ritual.💚"

Doris Valković

Food blogger, food photographer & content creator

"I’ve been a matcha lover for years now but Materia matcha is definitely one of best I’ve ever tasted. It has become a part of my morning ritual I look forward every single day. Its stunning pastel light green color, sweet and mellow taste is a proof of its highest quality."

Maja Brekalo

Cookbook author, food blogger and photographer

"If someone had told me I was going to become mildly addicted to matcha, I would consider him crazy. But yet - here we are.”

Dora Predojević

Influencer & Blogger

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