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A holistic approach to planning, journaling & cultivating well-being habits

6-Pillar Well-Being Tracking

More than a reminder, it's your personal growth sidekick. Each tracking session helps you reflect on your well-being routine, celebrate personal victories and build transformative habits.

Daily Priorities

80% of results come from 20% of efforts. Choose your priorities carefully and your days will be filled with purpose, clarity, and impactful progress towards your goals.

The 5-Year Calendar

Map out your days, weeks, and months with clarity and ensure nothing slips through the cracks — a blueprint for balanced living.

The Happiness Highlight

Spotlight your daily joys to illuminate the people and moments that bring you closer to happiness, passion and purpose.

The Journaling Section

Dive deep, write away, and meet... you! This is a place for your thoughts, feelings, plans, notes, doodles and much more. Embark on an adventure in self-exploration, and uncover those "aha!" moments, creative ideas and the seeds of your wild potential.

Your Pace, Your Rules

Missed a couple of days because, well... life happened? No worries. You set the dates, you write the rules. Dive back in whenever you’re ready without feeling guilty.

Inspirational Quotes

Need a sprinkle of motivation or a dash of wisdom? Turn the page! You're trusted companion is always ready to stir your soul and tickle your thoughts with an inspirational quote.

Realize Your Destiny, Conquer Each Day

A trusted companion on your journey through academics, career, and personal growth.

Daily Agenda x Well-being Diary

Unlock Your Wild Potential

  • Cultivate personal growth & well-being habits
  • Plan your actions & tackle daily tasks with ease
  • Get in tune with your true self



 “Participants who engaged in expressive writing reported greater reductions in distress and negative emotions.”

Baikie, K. A. & Wilhelm, K.

“Setting specific and challenging goals led to higher performance 90% of the time.”

Locke, E. A. & Latham, G. P.

“Daily planning and time management is positively correlated with overall well-being and academic performance.”

Lay, C. H. & Schouwenburg, H. C.

 “Consistent self-monitoring of diet and physical activity is a significant predictor of weight loss.”

Burke, L. E., Wang, J. & Sevick, M. A.

“Individuals who could differentiate their emotions through tracking or reflection were better at regulating their emotions.”

Barrett, L. F., Gross, J., Christensen, T. C. & Benvenuto, M.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vesna Matić
Grateful journey back to ourselves

“This beautiful diary can be a faithful companion in finding our way back to ourselves in today's busy world, when various obligations pull us away from our centre. Thoughtful pages create a unique space and encourage us to take a few moments for daily reflection, self-improvement, and our own well-being.
This journal is a tangible reminder that every moment and effort invested in nurturing our well-being is always part of a grateful journey back to ourselves."

Vesna Matić, painter and specialist of art therapy

Zelda Vrdoljak
My perfect companion

This journal just came at the right moment in my life. Now, it’s been a place where I lay my thought, fears, happy moments and excitements throughout the day. Perfect for letting go, perfect for dreaming big and perfect for understanding what have you got. I love it.🤍

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