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Matcha Ritual at the

Matcha Ritual at the "Full Of Light" Retreat by Lea Gobo

The Perfect Way to Connect with Nature and Yourself


We are thrilled that our matcha will be a part of the beautiful Full Of Light retreat, organized by Lea Gobo, a feng shui and wellness consultant.

Lea has designed a retreat offering participants relaxing and self-development techniques that she tested through many years of working with her clients - ritual of drinking Materia matcha is one of them.

We all need deep rest and a reset from the daily stress and fast pace of life. Our bodies, minds, and souls need time for recovery and relaxation to avoid burnout. - Lea told us. We have to agree with her.

Sound baths, Mind retreat treatments, yoga, meditation, and plenty of rest in a beautiful villa with a pool in the heart of magical Istria will provide participants with ideal conditions for deep rest, recovery, and rejuvenation at all levels.

The Full Of Light Retreat in magical Istria awaits its visitors between May 5th and May 12th, 2023. There are three and seven days options.

All Dimensions of Rest

Through good sleep, light food, yoga, treatments, sound therapy, and internal and external silence, this retreat nurtures all dimensions of well-being.

When we quiet our minds and rest, we can hear the gentle, yet clear soul voice, connect with ourselves, and bring more joy, ease, and peace into our lives. We are lighter and happier when we are in harmony with ourselves. - says Lea.

To provide an ideal setting for nurturing rest, The Full Of Light retreat offers the best wellness practices: crystal singing bowls sound baths, Mind retreat treatments, meditation, yoga, plenty of sleep, rest, and the ritual of drinking matcha.

The Matcha Drinking Ritual - An Intersection Of The Body And The Soul Well-Being
Matcha is a feast for the health and well-being of the mind, body, and soul. Abundant antioxidants help cells defend themselves against stress and toxins from the environment, while matcha the ritual helps us dive into the full presence without the exhausting stream of thoughts about the future or the past.

Preparing matcha, contemplating its benefits for our helath, and enjoying a moment of mindfulness enhance the action of the nutrients we consume. A relaxed and calm body supports the free flow of energy and blood fluids, helping nutrients reach each cell.

The ritual of drinking matcha is also an opportunity to feel gratitude for nature, health, and all the good things in life. There are so many precious and beautiful things - we just have to take a break from the daily grind and dive into the present moment.

Resetting Sleeping And Eating Habits

In the perfect silence and comfort of the villa, participants will reset their minds, bodies, and souls through treatments, baths, meditation, yoga, and enjoy good night's sleep.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to reset eating habits while enjoying nutritious, delicious, and healthy food.

Read more about the retreat here. See you there!

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