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New Chapter: Materia Book Club

New Chapter: Materia Book Club

In today's modern and busy world, Book Club is the perfect place for all those who find solace, happiness, and connection in the pages of a good title. Whether you're an avid reader or someone looking to rediscover the joy of reading, the Book Club experience can be profoundly transformative and liberating. At its core, the Book Club is a community of readers who come together to share their love of books. It is a space where individuals can explore different genres and authors, expanding their literary horizons.

One of the most significant benefits of joining a Book Club is the ability to connect with like-minded individuals, whether you're an introvert looking for a more intimate social setting or an extrovert looking to expand your social circles. The shared experience of reading a book creates a solid foundation for bringing different individuals together, nurturing memories that transcend the realm of literature.

As a passionate lover of books and reading, the founder of the well-being brand Materia, Maja Blažević, started the Book Club, which recently premiered. The Materia Book Club was launched in cooperation with the publishing house Planetopija, and the book Ikigai, a worldwide success by the writer Ken Mogi was the first chosen one. Ikigai is a Japanese word for describing the pleasures and meaning of life. This word consists of the terms iki (to live) and gai (reason). But in search of a deeper, but also practical meaning of the word in everyday life, this famous Japanese neuroscientist researched Japanese tradition, culture, and customs and, using the example of people of various professions and interests, tried to explain what ikigai is and how each of us can have it. "Owning an ikigai can literally change your life. You can live longer, be in good health, become happier, more satisfied and feel less stressed. In addition, thanks to ikigai you can even become more creative and successful," Mogi said.

The book served as a great basis for the honest and deep conversation of the first Materia Book Club edition. This intimate event took place in the chic Materia office, with a matcha latte as a welcome drink, the award-winning rose Whispering Angel by MIVA wine gallery, and fine sweet and savory snacks by Noel Bread & Deli.

"I am very happy that we have started a Book Club, which has been my wish for many years. I love books and I'm a real bookworm, for me, reading is like meditation, a place I like to go to again and again, a source of constant learning and inspiration. Every idea needs the right time to take off, and so does this one, I would add the right partners - and we found them precisely in Planetopia, with whom we launched this story. The first meeting was truly magical, real and raw - with lots of laughter, but also tears - just the way life itself is. Thank you to all the participants for the sincerity, warmth and energy that was created, and to Planetopia for recognizing our enthusiasm and wonderful support". – Maja Blažević, founder of the Materia brand.

"I had a wonderful time at the first Materia Book Club meeting. We all enjoyed the conversation about the book Ikigai and Japanese philosophy, fine food and matcha tea, sincere and warm women's conversations. I see the mission of this book club as a well-spent time for learning, for mutual support and passion for books, which are a source of knowledge and inspiration. Human creativity is endless and it's wonderful to discover it in books and in good company. Thank you Maja for the initiative!" - said the director of Planetopia, Marina Kralj Vidačak
Materia Book Club is a place where the love of reading will grow, new friendships will be made, and minds will be enriched. Join us and let's go together on a journey that goes beyond the written word - into the very heart of shared stories and unbreakable bonds.

For more information on the possibility of participating in the Book Club, contact

Photo: Marina Rendulić

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