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FENG SHUI - the skill of harmonizing people, spaces, and nature

FENG SHUI - the skill of harmonizing people, spaces, and nature

The homes of modern people are often decorated according to the taste of fashion magazines editors - and many people feel that something is missing out. It's as if we forgot that it's not only important how the home looks like - but also whether it nourishes us with comfort, life energy, the harmony of colors, shapes and textures, and elements of nature itself.

Feng shui is a gentle reminder that both our body and spirit have needs - to be supported by space, surrounded by harmony and the elements of nature that we are made of, and that we like to feel inner harmony.

The practice of feng shui reminds us of the important aspects of our lives and that everything important to us must have a cherished place in our space. Feng shui divides our home into areas of love, family, success, health, well-being, growth, life adventures, and friendship.

These materialized fields make the space a spiritual experience that reminds us of everything that is important to us. By nurturing the harmony of each area, we indirectly nurture these important areas of our lives.

What's meditation to our inner home, feng shui is to our outer home, to the space that surrounds us.

In order to start living our lives in a more meaningful way, we can clean out a part of the apartment that keeps painful memories in a spasm of disorder; or decorate some part of the apartment with a beautiful plant, crystal, or beautiful color. However, feng shui is not just a trivial arrangement of objects in space as it is often simplified - in the background is the holistic practice introduced to us by Lea Gobo, a wonderful, warm, and understanding person who helps people refine their home in accordance with this skill.

That's why we love this ancient practice. It also reminds us that space is a process that runs parallel to the universe, it changes and accompanies us in all life cycles and phases.

Feng shui is the language of love and tenderness towards space, which helps us achieve a more intimate relationship with nature, the energy around us, the space around us and the people we share it with, as well as with ourselves. For more information follow @lea.gobo and if you are interested in feng shui, get in touch with her with full confidence.

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