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Materia Book Club and ‘The Wonderbox’

Materia Book Club and ‘The Wonderbox’

The only thing better than reading a great book is having the opportunity to discuss that book with people who love reading as much as we do.
At the end of February, we held the third Book Club meeting in cooperation with our dear partner Planetopija, which was very special in many ways. Namely, British philosopher and writer of Croatian origin Roman Krznarić @romankrznaric, author of the book ‘The Wonderbox’, which we have been fondly reading for the past month, joined us via Zoom.
Roman is one of the leading British philosophers in the field of lifestyles, a cultural thinker, co-founder, and lecturer at The School of Life in London. He is an advisor to the United Nations for the application of empathy and conversation to establish social change.

In his book ‘The Wonderbox’, Roman brings useful knowledge about how in the search for a good life, we sometimes need to look back at the wisdom of history. He considers universal subjects that have always occupied man and compares experiences from the past with our modern experiences - it deals with the themes of love and raising children, enjoyment of one's work, materialism and empathy, health and aging, creativity, death, etc.
A special atmosphere was created with sincere and deep conversations in the company of wonderful women, laughter, and the occasional tears, which encouraged the building of new relationships and the deepening of friendships.
We enjoyed Materia matcha lattes, Noel Bread and Deli salty and sweet snacks, and Whispering Angel rose wine from Miva Galerija Vina, and several hours flew by in a flash.

A surprise for all the participants were personalized leather bookmarkers, made especially for this occasion by

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