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7 tips to get back into work routine after the summer holidays

7 tips to get back into work routine after the summer holidays

Summer days filled with sun, sea, and carefree lounging on the beach are coming to an end, and the only thing we see on the horizon is getting back into a work routine.

Instead of feeling rested and recharged for the new season after the well-deserved holidays, the emotions that arise are restlessness, nervousness, and slight anxiety?

We are sure you don’t want to end your summer vacation on that note, therefore, in order to make your return to the work routine as easily and efficiently as possible, here are 7 simple tricks that you can try out:

1. Re-establish your morning routine
Make sure you re-establish a morning routine that works best for you. For example, you can start your day with meditation, Pilates, your favorite breakfast, writing a gratitude journal, or reading a book. Your morning routine will help you feel grounded and ready to take on the day with a fresh mindset.

2. Give yourself an extra day off when you return
Let's be real - when you get back home, you'll be exhausted and have a pile of dirty laundry, an empty fridge, plants to water, and mail to sort out. The last thing you want to do is get up early and go to the office the day after you return. Why not plan an extra day off to get your life back in order before you go back to work? If that's not an option, come back on Friday or Saturday to get unpacking and organizing in time.

3. Prioritize your to-do list
We all have those tasks that, while they need to be done, can wait another day - or week. Be sure to prioritize your tasks so that what really needs to be done is at the top of your list. Then work on the less important things as time permits. Don't try to do everything in your first days back at work.

4. Create "focus time"
It is very easy for many people to experience stress because of everything they must do after a vacation. However, it is important not to stress yourself immediately after your return. The key is to stay centered and focused, and you can start by marking "focus time" on your calendar. You can devote this time to check emails and talk to colleagues. This will help you feel calm and focused on the tasks ahead. Remember that small steps lead to big changes.

5. Allow yourself to keep trying new things
One of the best things about vacation is trying out new things. Why not incorporate that mindset into your everyday life? Do something outside of the box that you wouldn't normally do. Sit on the terrace and drink an exotic cocktail. Try a new recipe or restaurant that reminds you of the food you ate while on vacation. Any of these new activities will help you maintain that slight sense of excitement.

6. Start planning your next trip
If you're feeling anxious to be back from vacation, one of the best ways to get out of that mindset is to plan the next one. Many of us come back inspired by what we saw and experienced and immediately start dreaming about where we would like to go next. If it helps to have a plan for your next trip, start making one – today.

7. Be gentle with yourself
We're talking about all those small self-love rituals that will help you feel and look your best. A longer fragrant bath, a relaxing massage, a walk in nature, sunset gazing, enjoying your favorite matcha beverage, yoga practice, etc.

Life continues at its pace after summer. Autumn is always exciting, full of interesting events, business projects, and a 'back to the city' vibe, so put a smile on your face and look forward to all the upcoming cool stuff!

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