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7 reasons to skip coffee and drink matcha

7 reasons to skip coffee and drink matcha

There are a lot of benefits you are missing out on if you're still drinking coffee instead of matcha. A lot of us are seeking inspiration on how to start our day properly, as well as how to survive it. Is there a better way to start the day than dive into a big coffee mug?

Your goal when taking your first coffee sip was to get that energy for the entire day but instead, you were left with jitters and anxiety? You are not the only one.

What if you could get your caffeine booster in a better way? The best caffeine comes in powdered green tea called matcha. Best matcha comes from Kyoto, Japan and that is also the place Materia matcha comes from – it is cultivated, harvested, and packed in Kyoto.

We have at least 7 reasons why you should skip the coffee and drink matcha.

Less caffeine & more energy
Matcha has less caffeine than coffee, which is released slowly in the body due to an amino acid in the tea called L-theanine. It is much more suitable for our body because it brings balance, calmness, and sustainable energy throughout the day. As a result, matcha induces a wonderful feeling of calm alertness. You feel alert from the caffeine and calm at the same time due to the L-theanine. No jitteriness and no crash. Even Buddhist monks used matcha as part of their meditation ritual.

The power of antioxidants
The power of matcha lies in antioxidants that help build our immune system and research shows that they even fight against some cancers. Even though drinking coffee might not affect your health, it can irritate your bladder. With that said, wouldn't you rather drink something beneficial for your body?

A healthy body is the best investment
If you enjoy a good workout, you must know that matcha can boost your metabolism and promote weight loss but can also increase your physical endurance. Isn't that amazing? The fact that you can invest your money in something so beneficial to your body is just great!

Fresh breath all day long
Do not expect fresh breath after drinking coffee because caffeine dries out your mouth by slowing saliva production, which often leads to bad breath. On the other hand, antioxidants in matcha fight multiple causes of bad breath and don’t cause the acid feeling in your stomach. Make better choices for you and your gut.

Glowing skin
Matcha is your skin's best friend. It's nourishing, anti-aging, helps clear up acne, protects skin from UV damage, boosts blood flow and its antibacterial properties give your skin a natural glow.

Food for a healthy heart
There are many positive effects of matcha on heart health. Matcha can help lower blood pressure, and cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. When combined with a well-rounded diet and healthy lifestyle, drinking matcha may help keep your heart healthy.

The secret to your great memory
Matcha can also improve your memory. Research shows it can help fight the risk of cognitive loss later in life. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG is a powerful neuroprotective compound, and it is a catechin found in green tea leaves. 

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