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How to prepare a perfect matcha latte?

In Japan, the country of its origin, matcha is mostly prepared only with water, like a matcha tea, while matcha latte is more popular in the West, especially in America, where celebrities are often seen on the streets of New York or L.A. walking briskly while holding this trendy and healthy green beverage in their hand.

The most important ingredient for a perfect matcha latte is high-quality matcha, such as Materia.

High-quality matcha is known for its umami flavor, intense green color, and numerous nutrients. Milk is also one of the important ingredients, and plant-based milk would be the best option. Thanks to its creamy texture and nutty flavor, oat milk is the most popular choice when preparing matcha latte, but any other plant-based would work too, such as rice, soy, almond, or coconut. Finally, if you prefer sweeter flavors, add a teaspoon of good quality honey or agave syrup to your matcha latte.


How can you improve the taste of your matcha?

Simply by using a bamboo whisk for its preparation. A whisk will help matcha powder to dissolve better in warm water, resulting in a thicker layer of foam. The taste will be smoother and creamier compared to matcha prepared with other tools.
For the ultimate experience of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, you can use a bamboo spoon, which measures just the right amount of this precious green powder. Other essential accessories in traditional matcha tea rituals include Materia matcha set in color pink and gray-black. 

How to prepare a perfect cup of matcha latte at home every time?

Simple recipe below.


1g matcha powder

1.5dcl hot water

0.5dcl milk

1 teaspoon honey or a little agave syrup (optional)


Heat the water to approximately 80 degrees. It is important not to boil, not to lose nutritional value.

Place 1g of matcha powder in a wider cup or bowl and pour some hot water over it (0,5dcl). Using a whisk, combine matcha with water until it melts completely, and a nice layer of foam is created on top.

Add the rest of the water and milk. To get a super foamy milk like in cafés, use a milk frother or electric whisk at home.

Finally, drizzle honey or agave syrup if desired.

And that’s it, the perfect matcha latte is ready to be enjoyed! Matcha is becoming a part of modern culture: it is delicious, functional, provides health benefits, and allows us to experience a different kind of energy - it relaxes and energizes at the same time. Although it is known since ancient times, matcha is truly the perfect beverage for modern times.

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