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Gua Sha massage

Gua Sha massage

Gua Sha stone

The name of one of our favorite beauty tools comes from China and it's pronounced in two parts: Gwah-Shah.
"Gua" means "scrape" while "Sha" means "sand" or "skin redness".

Gua Sha stone massage is a treatment procedure prescribed from traditional East Asian medicine, i.e. a special massage technique for relieving tension in the face and neck muscles, as well as the body, and practicing these methods helps with better tissue circulation.

The Gua Sha technique is used to unblock and restore the flow of Qi (usually translated as "vital energy") in the area it is applied to.
The first Gua Sha tools were made of buffalo horn, but today they have been modernized and are usually made of semi-precious stones such as jade and rose quartz, amethyst, and obsidian. This is precisely why each stone is unique and has unrepeatable texture and color.
It is also possible to have a metal variant which is practical because it won't break if it drops on the floor.
A Gua Sha stone can become your favorite beauty tool and here’s why:

  • improves the circulation of the skin and muscles up to 400%, which contributes to a better exchange of substances and the natural skin glow
  • relieves the puffiness of the entire face, including the area around the eyes, because proper movements can stimulate lymphatic drainage of the face
  • relaxes the muscles and removes tension, which reduces the further occurrence of wrinkles
  • reduces the visibility of hyperpigmentation on the treated surface
  • shapes face contours (natural facelift)
  • relieves headache and neck pain
  • improves energy flow and stimulates facial acupressure points

How to use it

Gua Sha stone massage is very simple, pleasant, and does not take much time.
Before the massage, it is important to apply a product with a rich texture, such as oilier cream or oil serum, on clean skin. Over time, the friction on the skin decreases, and the massage is more pleasant because of the way stone slides on skin. If you want to soften the puffiness, you can cool the Gua Sha stone in the refrigerator before the massage or immerse it in a glass of iced water.
Avoid using it with irritating ingredients such as acids and retinoids.
The massage starts from the end of the jaw down the neck, using the longest side. This way, along with muscle relaxation, we stimulate lymphatic drainage. Gently pull the Gua Sha stone over the skin, in one direction with a 45-degree angle. Due to the different dimensions and designs of the stone, your facial contour chooses the side of the stone that is most comfortable for you. Repeat each movement at least 6 times, and not more than 15 times. End the massage with the same movement you started with - from the end of the jaw down the neck. This way, we send all excess liquid, as well as tissue waste from the face to the body.
After every massage, wash the Gua Sha in lukewarm water (with gentle soap if necessary) and store it in a dry place for future use.
The beauty of Gua Sha stone massage lies in the fact that it can be used for any skin type and at any age. On the other hand, there are some restrictions for people prone to capillary sensitivity and skin changes, problems related to blood clotting and fat formation, rosacea skin, and damaged skin with active inflammation of any cause.
After the massage, it is recommended to avoid hot showers and saunas, as well as direct sun exposure.

How important is the material the Gua Sha stone is made of?

Rose Quartz – also known as the stone of love, its soothing properties work well on sensitive skin and it helps with insomnia, that's why it is recommended to keep it next to the bed. Clean it under a stream of lukewarm water after each use but keep in mind it loses its color and strength when exposed to the sun.

  • Amethyst – a healing stone of spirit and emotions that helps strengthen the immune system, charging amethyst is best done under the moonlight during a full moon (when clouds or rain do not interfere), and avoid charging in the sun as it will fade out.
  • Jade - a stone of calming and purifying energy – wash the negative energy under a stream of cold water for a few minutes, and charge it with energy in the moonlight (leave it on the window overnight when the moon is full)
  • Obsidian - the most valued mineral, which is believed to remove self-limitations

Whichever material you choose, use it frequently because this tool offers maximum results in minimum time, from the good feeling during the massage, to the visible effects on your face after the massage.

 In the video, learn how to easily incorporate it into your daily beauty routine.

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